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CPD Cross-Program Funding Matrix and Dashboard for Quarter 4, 2011

Click on the map below to find the matrix and dashboard for your community. These reports provide funding information for each city and state that receives CPD Program funds, in a place-based format. The reports detail the size of each grant received over the past several years, as well as the total amount of funds currently available to be spent on affordable housing and community and economic development activities.

The following CPD programs are included:

Each matrix report includes:

  • Amount Awarded – the amount of program funds awarded in each of the last 3 fiscal years
  • Encumbered but Unspent by Grantee – the total amount of unspent program funds the grantee has already assigned to specific projects or activities
  • Unencumbered by Grantee – the total amount of unspent program funds the grantee has available to assign to specific projects or activities
  • Recapture Risk – an unofficial estimate of funds that may be recaptured if they are not assigned to specific activities or projects or expended within statutory/regulatory deadlines
  • Eligible Activities – specific activities types and uses that are eligible for each program
  • Statutory/Reg Requirements for Obligations and Expenditures – a description of the time frames in which a grantee must identify specific projects or activities and expend funds

The amount of unspent funds that are encumbered/unencumbered for specific projects is self-reported by the grantee. Some grantees expend their own funds and draw down federal funds at discrete times. Unspent funds correspond to the actual amounts in the grantee’s federal account for that particular program on the date the report was published.

CPD will be making improvements to the matrix later this year to include additional information and performance indicators. If you believe there is a problem or error with the data or if you have other questions about the matrix or dashboard, please email

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